HopeBridge Care Team
Bridging the Gaps in Care
Meet The Team​​
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    David E., MSW
    Social Work/Assessments
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    Victoria D., NAC
    Direct Care
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    Shanna O.
    Director of Human Resources and Quality Assurance
    Shanna has an AAS in Business and will finish her BAS in June 2019. She has been in retail management, a caregiver in an adult family home setting and the sole care provider for her grandfather in his last 3 years of life. Shanna is happiest when in nature and doesn't like to sit still. She enjoys a good book and writing poetry and short stories.
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    Heidi H., NAC
    House Manager/Direct Care
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    Courtney M., NAC
    House Manager/Direct Care
    Courtney brings her medical assistance background and caring nature to HopeBridge!  As a house manager, her personality and compassion blend perfectly to encourage other caregivers and maintain relationships with families.  With over 6 years of experience in the field, she attributes her skills as a successful caregiver to her grandmother.  Courtney loves spending her time outdoors with her family.
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    Hunter M., NAR
    House Manager/Direct Care
    Hunter is a huge asset to HopeBridge and has grown so much in his role as a caregiver and a house manager. His fun personality, huge heart and drive to make the world a better place for his clients makes Hunter a valuable member to our team. He enjoys being a friendly face and bringing warmth to everyone around him. A Selah native, Hunter likes to hike, golf and cook.
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    Rosemary M., RN
    Field Nurse
    Rosemary joins HopeBridge bringing 35 years of experience!  As a Field Nurse, she honors and respects the treasures in our elders and is proud to be a part of system that looks out for them.  Born and raised in the Yakima Valley, Rosemary spent 33 years at Memorial Hospital in the ICU, CCU, Cardiac care, a flight nurse, including 12 years in home health and hospice. Outside of work, Rosemary enjoys walking, hiking, reading, knitting and spending time with her 4 grand kids.
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    Norma B., NAC
    House Manager/Direct Care
    Norma brings 20 years of caregiving experience to our HopeBridge team.  We are so happy to have her join us.  With past positions in home care, nursing facilities and clinics, she brings a depth of understanding, knowledge and empathy to our team. When not with clients, you'll find Norma spending time with her kids and grandkids!  She loves to read, watch movies and cheer on the Seahawks.
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    Tony T., NAC
    House Manager/Direct Care
    We are happy to have Tony join our care team at HopeBridge! Tony has over 9 years of caregiving experience, including work in behavioral and crisis units. He has worked in many settings including the Yakima School District, nursing homes, home care agencies and assisted living. We are so excited to his skills and personality here at HopeBridge. Tony is originally from Sunnyside and currently lives in Yakima with his family.
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    Roni H., NAC
    Direct Care
    Roni has been around the health care field all her life she combined her experiences and joined the Selah School District as an NAC working with disabled students after graduation. Later, Roni switched gears, taking a job at Yakima Regional as a CNA/Unit Secretary in the ICU then became Scheduling Specialist. Missing her interaction with patients, Roni joins HopeBridge part-time to fulfill the passion of home caregiving.
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    Lisette I., NAR
    Direct Care
    Lisette was born and raised in the Lower Valley and joined HopeBridge in 2016. She has over 8 years of caregiving experience and truly enjoys the company of seniors. Her passion for caregiving brings her great joy as she listens to the stories and tales her clients share.
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    Stacy C., NAC
    Direct Care
    Stacey joined HopeBridge in 2017 because of her love of getting to know clients on a personal level. Her extensive background in home care, nursing and rehabilitation centers gives her the flexibility to work with many different situations. Stacey brings compassion and dedication to work every day.
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    Latasha B., NAR
    Direct Care
    Latasha joins HopeBridge bringing 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. She began caregiving as a teenager and finds joy spending time with people. A Selah native, Latasha loves listening to elders' life experiences and assisting those with needs they can't do on their own. Outside of work, she enjoys walks, snow boarding and animals.
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    Stephanie T., NAC
    House Manager/Direct Care
    Stephanie brings 16 years of caregiving experience in a variety of settings.  She has worked as an individual provider through DSHS, as a nursing assistant in assisted living communities and Yakima Schools. Born and raised in Yakima, she continues to work and live in the community with her husband and two beautiful daughters.  Knowing that she can help someone or make a difference in someone's life, drives Stephanie to be the best caregiver. 
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    Jordyn T., CNA
    Direct Care
    Jordyn comes to HopeBridge with a background in nursing home care. Attending college and caring for her family, she brings her energy and passion to the team. A Yakima native, Jordyn loves spending time with her kids and photography. Welcome to the team!!
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    Melissa M., NAC
    Direct Care
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    Jenna J., CNA
    Direct Care
    Jenna joins HopeBridge with a background as a med tech and caregiver with over 7 years of experience. Raised in the area, Jenna enjoys riding horses and trips to the beach. We are so excited to have her warm personality and caring nature on the team!
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    Stephanie K.
    Director of Marketing
    Stephanie joined HopeBridge in 2017 as a direct care staff member. With her background in marketing and advertising, she switched gears to promoting the best home health agency in the valley. Back in the area she grew up in after living on the rainy side of the state, she is so happy to be apart of this amazing team caring for our area's aging.
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    Jonathan Eggleston, RN
    Owner, Administrator
    Jonathan is a registered nurse, nurse delegator and community instructor for the state of Washington with 20 years of experience is geriatric care and chronic disease management. He founded HopeBridge after working with hospice and observing that often small changes in a client's lifestyle could lead to great improvements in quality of life. Jonathan brings with him, the heart to help vulnerable adults live better, longer lives.
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    Rebecca B., NAC
    Direct Care
    Becky joined HopeBridge in 2017 bringing 25 years of experience with her.  After working as a cosmetologist, she found herself being led to nursing.  Becky spent 3 years working in a nursing home and then went to work for St. Elizabeth which is now Astria Regional.  Her incredible gift of caring for others is obvious from the moment you meet.
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    Missy B., NAC
    Direct Care
    Melissa joined HopeBridge in 2018 bringing over 13 years of caregiving experience.  After stints at other home care facilities and nursing homes Melissa came to HopeBridge and loves the care of staff and clients alike.  We love her energy, compassion and desire to care for others. Outside of work, Melissa enjoys reading, knitting and crocheting.
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    Daisy R., NAR
    Direct Care
    Daisy joins HopeBridge bringing years of experience in home care.  After working for a couple of other agencies, Daisy found a home here at HopeBridge.  Her love of caregiving makes her a perfect fit on our team.  An East Valley grad, Daisy loves playing sports and hanging with her family.  Welcome to the team, Daisy!
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    Brittany C., NAR
    House Manager/Direct Care
    Born and raised in Yakima, Brittany joins our team to bring joy and comfort to our area's seniors.  With her years of caregiving experience for both the young and old, she loves to make others smile.  Brittany has a giving heart and a driven desire! Outside of work, Brittany loves spending time with her friends and family, camping, and singing.  She might even do a little karaoke for you!
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    Ozzy A., NAC
    Direct Care
    We welcome Ozzy to our HopeBridge care team bringing with him fun, laughter, and a desire to connect with people.  His experience in caregiving, pharmacy, billing and coding adds to the depth of knowledge of our team. When not working, you'll find Ozzy at the park with his dogs, enjoying the outdoors.
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    Jaylean L., NAR
    Direct Care
    Jaylean brings over 10 years of caregiving experience to HopeBridge. We are so excited to have her experience with nurse delegation and dementia training to add to our team.  Jaylean's fun personality and caring attitude is so welcome!  Outside of work, Jaylean enjoys travelling and photography.
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    Sherri H., NAR/HCA
    Office Manager
    Sherri joined HopeBridge in early 2018 and serves HopeBridge as our Office Manager.  With a background in customer relations, sales, marketing and finance, IT, laboratory, codes configuration, and home health, Sherri brings a wealth of knowledge and a true heart for caring.  Her wide skill set keeps our office running smoothly, bringing empathy and care with her to help her serve our caregivers and clients' families.
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    Madi A., NAR
    Direct Care
  29. Phillips@mail.com
    Adriana T., NAC
    Direct Care
    Adriana's energy and authenticity is a perfect fit for home health and HopeBridge.  With 8 years experience in the field, she loves her work and enjoys being helpful.  She joined the team because of the amazing leadership and integrity of the company.
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    Hannah T., NAC
    House Manager/Direct Care
    Hannah brings over 5 years of caregiving experience and a huge heart to HB.   She started volunteering in Assisted Living as a high schooler.  Hannah has worked in nursing homes and in a hospital setting as an NAC. She is from the Yakima Valley and loves being outside with her family! One of Hannah's favorite memories is being asked to Prom but an elderly man where she volunteered.  She ended up having a Prom for all the residents!
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    Tre'Jor H., NAR
    Direct Care
    HopeBridge welcomes Tre'Jor to the team! She joins us with years of experience caregiving locally. Tre'Jor enjoys caring for others and the ability to watch someone else be happy and knowing she had a hand in that. One of her most profound moments was saving a client by doing CPR. Her quick actions and huge heart make her a vital team member.
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    Dottie R., NAR
    House Manager/Direct Care
    Dottie has joined HopeBridge with a background in home care and experience with dementia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, hospice, diabetes, and distributing medications.  She has phlebotomy and sterilization technician certificates.  We are so excited to have her energy and caring attitude on our team. Dottie is a mother of 4 beautiful kids!  In her free time, she likes to fish, hunt and camp.  She also has a love for animals.  Her favorite hobbies are sewing, reading, and cooking.
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    Jessica G., NAC
    Direct Care
    Jessica is a Yakima native and joins our team as she works to obtain her nursing degree.  She gained her caregiving experience working in assisted living.  Jessica is happy to work with patients one-on-one and in their homes.  She loves to she seniors thriving at home and enjoys being an important part of that journey. Jessica loves spending time with her family, especially at large family dinners.  She also enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking.
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    Keisha L., NAR
    Direct Care
    Keisha brings over 9 years of experience to our HopeBridge team and we are so happy to have her.  Her work experience comes from caregiving in adult family homes and working with individuals at home.  Keisha loves meeting people and getting to know them.  Even better, Keisha feels there is so much we can learn from the people we care for. Keisha enjoys writing and cooking, and loves spending time with her family.